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What Does Gray, Blue, Black, and White Exhaust Smoke Mean for My Vehicle?

While it may be daunting to see exhaust smoke spew out of your tailpipe, not all smoke is bad. In fact, you can determine whether it is a problem or not by looking at the color of the fumes. The color of your exhaust emission can give you a good insight into what is going on inside your car or truck. Your exhaust smoke can be the following colors: gray, blue, black, or white. 


Gray Smoke: Gray exhaust smoke is the rarest case of them all. However, it can be more challenging to diagnose. If the smoke is a solid gray color, then it may mean that your transmission fluid or engine oil is combusted. It is imperative to have your vehicle assessed by a trained technician to determine if you need any repairs.


Blue Smoke: Blue exhaust, similarly to gray, indicates that oil is burnt. The first thing you should do is inspect your oil levels. While you examine the oil, check for any signs of leakages around your vehicle. Leaks can be produced by leaky valve seals, broken piston rings, or worn cylinder walls. 


Black Smoke: Black exhaust smoke signifies that your automobile is burning too much fuel related to an air filter or fuel injector problem. Black or dark exhaust smoke is more common in diesel engine vehicles. 


White Smoke: If you see white smoke that is hazy and thin, it is most likely a natural occurrence from condensation. However, if it is a thick white or light gray cloud, you may be dealing with something more serious. Dense white smoke can suggest that your engine head gasket or engine block is endangered. You should immediately consult this problem with a technician, so they can properly diagnose the problem.


If your tailpipe smoke is abnormally spurting out smoke, our certified team can give you a comprehensive evaluation of your exhaust system to determine if there is a problem. We invite you to take your vehicle to Global Car Care. Give us a call at (509) 293-7385 or visit today!.