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Global Car Care is a full-service tire store with access to the most popular tire brands. Unlike the “chain store” way of doing things, our Service Advisors will help you find the right tire for your application. Whether you choose a Goodyear®, General®, BF Goodrich®, Bridgestone®, Michelin® or Kuhmo®, know that you’ll be getting the best value for your dollar.

Visit our Wheel Alignment page for more information.

Engine Repairs, Engine Rebuilding, Engine Diagnostics, Engine Replacements

From diagnostics, to complete engine rebuilding, we can do it all.

Visit our Engine Repair page for more detailed information.

Brake Repairs, Brake System Service, ABS Brake Repairs

We use superior parts and expert service technicians to give you the best brake jobs around. With our parts and service, your car can stop up to 15 feet sooner.

Visit our Brake Repair page for more information.

Automatic Transmission System Repairs and Service

From Transmission services, drain, flush, and fills to complete transmission overhaul, we do all things Automatic Transmissions.

Visit our Transmission Repair page for more information.

Mufflers, Exhaust and Emission System Repairs

Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to do a full inspection and repair of emissions systems.

Check Engine Light & Computer Diagnostics

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and contemporary standards to diagnose your car’s troubles. Coupled with our experience and our industry computer resources, we quickly diagnose and repair your car and get it right the first time.

Visit our Check Engine Light Diagnostic page for more information.

Power Steering System Service

Your steering system requires periodic inspection and service to help it keep your car safer. The system has many moving parts and is protected by power steering fluids that can break down and erode internal parts. Our experts can help.

Suspension, Shocks, Struts, CV Boots, and 4 Wheel Drive Repairs & Service

Your suspension is critical to a smoother drive and more importantly better handling. When your suspension has problems your car becomes unsafe because it may not handle well in emergency situations. Shocks and struts do require periodic replacement too.

Visit our Suspension Repair page to learn more.

Air Conditioning and Heater Service

Periodic inspections of your Air Conditioning system can prevent expensive repairs. If you’ve noticed decreased cooling abilities, bring it in sooner rather than later. It could save you money.

Manual Transmission and Clutch Service

Our ASE Master Technicians have the skill to service or repair your clutch or manual transmission expertly.

Visit our Clutch Repair page to learn more!

Complex Electrical Diagnosis

Our shop has some of the most skilled technicians that have diagnosed electrical problems that others could not. We have the experience, the certifications, and the real-life skill to track down any electrical problems.

Visit our Electrical Repair page to learn more about our services.

Fluid Flush Services

Regularly inspecting your vehicle’s fluids can help avoid issues over time and will ultimately keep your vehicle running at its best. A fluid flush is typically required when the fluid is dirty or contaminated, which can cause the system to work ineffectively.

Visit our Fluid Flush Services page to learn more.

Timing Belt Replacement

A crucial component within your car’s engine is the timing belt. A broken timing belt can damage the engine and prevent it from operating properly, which is why it is so important to bring your vehicle in for a timing belt replacement when it is due.

Visit our Timing Belt Replacement page for more information.

Vehicle Inspection

One important part of preventative maintenance is vehicle inspections. A comprehensive vehicle inspection is a deeper look at your vehicle to determine if there is an obvious issue with a major component.

Visit our Vehicle Inspection page for more information about our inspections.