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Suspension Repair & Service in Wenatchee, WA

Your vehicle’s steering, alignment, and suspension systems are all vital to your ability to properly control and handle your car. Here at Global Car Care in Wenatchee, WA, we are the professional choice for steering, alignment, and suspension repairs and services in the area. Our technicians are ASE-certified professionals who work on all makes and models of vehicles and can help with any suspension issue you may be experiencing.

How to Recognize Suspension Issues

A problem with the steering and suspension system can be caused by several different components but will usually cause your vehicle to be difficult to steer or make your rides very bumpy and uncomfortable. Oftentimes, symptoms of a bad wheel alignment or steering and suspension problems can be similar, so the best way to determine the cause of the problem is to bring your car to our experts for an inspection.

5 Most Common Steering/Suspension Issues

  1. Excessive or uneven tire wear
  2. The vehicle pulls to the left or right
  3. Feeling of looseness or wandering
  4. Steering wheel vibration or shimmy
  5. Steering wheel is not centered when the vehicle is moving straight ahead

When your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off, excessive damage can occur to your tires. This can cause you to not only lose gas mileage but also make it harder to slow and stop and keep control of your car on the road. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, bring your vehicle to our suspension repair shop.

When you need car suspension repair in Wenatchee, WA, bring your vehicle to the professionals here at Global Car Care. Give us a call with any questions or schedule your visit with us online today!