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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Is It Time To Replace Your Timing Belt?

Is It Time To Replace Your Timing Belt?

While you may not see or interact with your car's timing belt every time you drive, it plays an essential task in the mechanics of your vehicle. The timing belt is an engine piece that rotates the engine's cam and crankshaft to be in sync. The strap makes sure every cylinder fires at the right time. These rubbery components can be found under a timing cover near the front of the engine.   Like any other equipment that goes under a lot of strain and pressure, a timing belt will lose its efficiency over time. It is best to look in your owner's manual or consult with a certified professional for advice when it is best to replace your timing belt or chain. Otherwise, a snapped timing belt will cause your engine to fail entirely and possibly bring down other parts of the engine. It is vital that you replace the rubbery at the first warning signs.   Seven years is the maximum life of the timing belt advised by most manufacturers. Regardless of miles, the timing belt ... read more