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Signs You Need New Transmission Fluid

Signs You Need New Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is similar to motor oil for the engine; it is necessary to keep your transmission parts lubricated and running smoothly. Often, your vehicle will give you warnings when your transmission fluid is low, dirty, or no longer effective. Here are 6 major signs that you should have your transmission fluid checked and serviced. Red puddles under your car - If you notice a red or pinky-colored liquid near your parked car, it's time to take a trip to the transmission repair shop. Roaring sounds during acceleration - Your transmission will become noisy when not properly lubricated. The sounds can be described as a whine or buzz. Hard time shifting gears - If your automobile is having difficulties changing gears or if the gears are slipping, please have your transmission fluid inspected. A chattering noise after starting the car - Any unusual sounds can be hard to ignore, and sometimes they can indicate transmission trouble. A burning smell - This could signify that you ... read more