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Signs You Need New Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is similar to motor oil for the engine; it is necessary to keep your transmission parts lubricated and running smoothly. Often, your vehicle will give you warnings when your transmission fluid is low, dirty, or no longer effective. Here are 6 major signs that you should have your transmission fluid checked and serviced.

  1. Red puddles under your car - If you notice a red or pinky-colored liquid near your parked car, it's time to take a trip to the transmission repair shop.
  2. Roaring sounds during acceleration - Your transmission will become noisy when not properly lubricated. The sounds can be described as a whine or buzz.
  3. Hard time shifting gears - If your automobile is having difficulties changing gears or if the gears are slipping, please have your transmission fluid inspected.
  4. A chattering noise after starting the car - Any unusual sounds can be hard to ignore, and sometimes they can indicate transmission trouble.
  5. A burning smell - This could signify that your transmission fluid is too hot.
  6. A dashboard warning light comes on - If you have a newer vehicle, you may have a light set aside for transmission problems. If not, the check engine light may come on as a response to transmission troubles.

To avoid running on low or contaminated transmission fluid, you should have it inspected when you bring your vehicle in for service. Proper transmission maintenance ensures your vehicle runs smoothly day in and day out. For all your transmission needs in Wenatchee, WA, we invite you to Global Car Care.