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Brakes are the single most important safety factor in your car.

It’s dangerous to wait too long to change your brake pads. As the brakes are applied repeatedly over thousands of miles, the brake pads gradually wear down, reducing their ability to stop the car. A simple signal for knowing when it’s time to change your brake pads is noisy brakes. If you hear a squeaky sound when you apply the brakes in your vehicle, have them checked out as soon as possible.

At Global Car Care we are using only high quality brake pads and rotors.

We have 24months/ 24,000 miles nationwide warranty

We Match Brakes! For better Stop..

Brake rotors that are not matched to your vehicle can wear prematurely resulting in a trip back for repair; increasing cost and aggravation. It will contact the brake pads twice each revolution (when your foot isn’t even on the brake pedal ! ) Over time this wear will cause the brake rotor to become unevenly thick and cause unwanted pedal pulsation, brake noise and affect overall performance of the braking system. When we match rotors to your vehicle, we are eliminating all lateral run-out (wobble) down to less than the thickness of a human hair.

We match brake rotors to give our customers quiet, pulsation free, safe braking.

We do FREE brake inspection.

Come to Global Car Care to know whether a brake component needs simply to be serviced or totally replaced.