What are Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

What Are Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid leaks are more serious than you might think. The brake light coming on is the least of your problems. The worst thing is you will have zero stopping power while driving your vehicle. With low brake fluid, your brakes will feel spongy and it will be difficult to stop your car. This is serious and should not wait to be attended to.

Other Signs There Is a Problem

There should be a warning light on your dashboard telling you that the brake fluid is low. Additionally, it will be discolored when your mechanic looks at it. At this point, although the fluid has not run out, it must still be changed and the entire braking system in your car be flushed out. These are minor things cost-wise and can save you from big problems down the line.

No Brake Fluid is No Good!

It is as simple as this. If you lack sufficient brake fluid in your car, you will not be able to stop it. It could be a gradual leak, so the car works for now. But who knows when your brake fluid will run out. It might be all of a sudden and blammo! You have no brakes! You could rear-end someone. Not only will your car be damaged, but you will be at fault and liable for the damage to the car in front of you and any injuries to them. Tend to your low brake fluid.

Other Brake Troubles Besides Lack of Fluid

You could have worn out brake pads, fluid leaks, a damaged brake line or two, or structural damage to the brakes themselves. If you suspect any of these things are wrong with your auto, have it examined immediately!

What Can You Do About This?

All you really need to do is bring it to our friendly neighborhood auto repair shop. Our experts will properly inspect your brake fluid and brake system to determine what repairs or services are needed to ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road. Give us a call or stop by today!

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